Welcome to our Home

We designed it with you in mind.

Hi there! We’re Doug and Krista

We’re happy you’re here.

We love sharing our passion and little slice of heaven here on the coast with others. When we say we designed our home with you in mind, we really mean it.

For years we were custom home builders, and we poured years of knowledge and experience into making this one a keeper. It’s been lovingly crafted and thoughtfully planned to give you a place to stay, relax, and enjoy everything beautiful Vancouver Island has to offer.

We can’t wait for you to come and stay with us.

It all started with a dance…
When destiny wants two people together, fate will make it happen, even if it’s on a dance floor. That’s how we met. Literally thrown together in the middle of a spunky tune that had us whirling and twirling without missing a beat. And that’s how our life has been ever since. Full of movement, craziness, fun, adventure, laughs and a strong partnership. We have three beautiful grown children and love being creative with our time.

Doug loves to cook and share his famous recipe for smoked trout, and Krista loves to design and play Marimba music live at the Sydney market.

We love sharing our story with others and hope we’ll get to hear yours!

Experience the Bliss of Coastal Living

Stay awhile. Enlighten your senses. Relax in Luxury.